Searching for deals is time consuming


Reading through newspapers, sifting through IM’s and attending pitch sessions is a very slow way to find that needle in the haystack of deals. Time is money and there has to be a better way. What is needed is a way to sort the deals that meet our criteria from the rest.

If deals appear in other geographies it’s even harder. You need to hear informed independent views before spending too much time.

Wouldn’t it be nice… to be alerted when your kind of investment opportunity appears… anywhere in the world?

Investment Problems

Find better deals with less effort

  • Be alerted to deals that meet your detailed criteria
  • See opinions of others (that you trust) before investing
  • Invest in geographies that would otherwise be inaccessible

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We give visibility of potential deals or matches

See the deals that match your criteria – ranked in order. Drill down and check out the company and see independent views. Message the company to ask questions or express interest. Once you are engaged, follow your existing investment processes.

We don’t want you to re-invent your world… just save you time and effort.


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