Raising capital can be a puzzle


Even great ideas and good businesses struggle. There is money out there… but finding it can be challenging. How do companies know when something is holding them back and what they need to do to improve things? Companies waste time and money pitching to investors who are not a match.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your investability, and to connect with interested investors… anywhere in the world?


Find the capital you need

  • Discover if there is anything holding you back from investment
  • Easily seek opinions of independent professionals before approaching investors
  • Find investors from around the globe that are beyond your reach
  • Target those investors that understand and invest in businesses like yours

Answer a standard set of questions and immediately know where you stand.


How CapitalRater works for companies




Complete the self-rating and know where you stand



Build credibility through independent ratings



Issue a capital raising and connect with Investors

We put you on the radar of interested investors

Gain feedback on your business by checking real investor preferences. Receive messages from real investors and track your potential matches. Build your credibility through independent ratings of your investability. View responses from all interested investors on one screen and respond to their questions.

In the past companies have looked for a “deal starter” angel and others have then followed – now ratings provide the credibility investors are looking for.


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